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ASIN Grabber

This tool will save you time and effort by fetching you the related ASINs and their information that you are currently viewing on the product page without having to scroll down and search.

Seller Benefits:

· When you click on the selected product, the related ASINs will show up on the existing page.

  • It contains the following information – Product Name, Parent ASIN, Child ASIN, Buy Box Price , Amazon in Stock (yes or no), FBA Sellers (count of sellers) , ASIN, BSR (Numeric value), and Category (Alphabetical) are the ASINs of the sponsored items.

Customized Filter Search

The "Customized Filter Search" Tool was created to help Amazon sellers to make their product searches easier and more efficient. It enables sellers to tailor their search parameters by using filters like Not sold by Amazon, Sold by Amazon, and BSR filter range.

Overall, the "Customized Filter Search" Tool is an excellent resource for Amazon sellers wishing to improve their product search process to gain an edge in the marketplace.

Seller Benefits:

· You can use this filter tool to search for products that satisfy specified criteria, avoiding the need to read through pages of useless results.

· It will also give real time data on Remove sponsored, Only sponsored, Prime Sellers only, Non-prime sellers only, Buy box suppressed, No Buy box suppressed.

Listing Analyzer

The "Listing Analyzer" Tool helps Amazon sellers in optimizing their product listings for increased exposure and sales. This tool analyses the product listing in-depth, suggesting places where changes can be made to improve its search ranking and conversion rate.

One of the tool’s most important features is its keyword bank, which gives a list of suitable keywords for the product. These keywords are based on actual Amazon search phrases and can be used to optimize the product title, bullet points, and description.

Seller Benefits:

  • It offers a "Scorecard" that ranks the listing based on a variety of characteristics such as keyword use, product photos, and price.

· It helps sellers to find areas where the listing can be improved to compete more effectively with comparable products on the market.

IP Claims Check

The "IP Claims Check" tool is intended to help Amazon sellers in preventing account termination due to intellectual property accusations. This tool constantly examines Amazon listings and notifies you of suspected intellectual property infringements. This allows sellers to take rapid action to solve any intellectual property accusations before they escalate and result in account suspension.

Seller Benefits:

· This tool scans product listings for trademark or copyright violations, comparing them to a database of known claims.

· It also looks for any law breaches related to images, names, descriptions, and other key listing products.

· The tool helps prevent account suspension and the accompanying sales income losses by giving sellers instant alerts regarding IP claims.

Future Predictions

The "Future Predictions" function is intended to help Amazon sellers in forecasting future sales of their products. The tool predicts sales by analyzing prior sales data, market trends, and other variables.

This data might be helpful for Amazon sellers who wish to manage their inventory, optimize their pricing strategy, and increase their sales. Sellers can change their marketing and advertising activities or boost their product exposure on Amazon if they know the projected sales volume.

Seller Benefits:

· This Tool displays forecasted sales data in a graphical format, so sellers can easily interpret and act on it.

· The tool can also be customized to display sales information for specific categories of products, dates, or locations.

· This Tool can help Amazon sellers stay ahead of their competitors and make informed product decisions

Keyword Research Tool

The "Keyword Research Tool" Tool is an advanced tool built exclusively for Amazon sellers to simplify keyword research smoother. The tool enables sellers on Amazon to analyze search phrases and get insights about the demand, competitiveness, and relevancy of certain keywords.

Seller Benefits:

· Keyword rankings can be tracked over time, so sellers can discover new keywords to optimize their listings.

· Each keyword's estimated search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), and search trend are also provided.

Inventory Manager

The Tool "Inventory Manager" helps Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) sellers manage their inventory. It uses predictive analytics to assess the amount of inventory needed for a certain product and alerts the seller so that the supply can be restocked promptly. This tool assists sellers by analyzing and controlling inventory, simplifying the process, and saving significant time and effort. This tool, however, does not provide any of the information necessary to generate shipping labels.

Review Request Automation

The "Review Request Automation" Tool is a helpful tool for Amazon sellers who wish to streamline the process of searching for product reviews. Sellers can create review requests for numerous orders with a single click, saving them time and effort. The addon works by automatically browsing the order's review page and filling in the required information. It can also customize the message delivered to each customer, making the review request more engaging and personal. This tool assists sellers by giving two options: Bulk Review Requests and Individual Order Review Requests.

Seller Benefits:

Amazon Sellers can streamline their review collection process using Review Request Automation.

It also helps sellers in making Review Requests for orders that are between 5 to 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) old.

By using this tool, sellers can simplify their review collection process and improve their online reputation.

In the long term, this tool helps sellers to enhance their brand awareness, trust, and sales.

ADS Manager

The Tool "ADS Manager" is an advanced tool that helps Amazon sellers in optimizing their Amazon advertising campaigns and increases their organic ranks and sales. The tool includes several features that make it simple to manage and optimize campaigns, such as real-time ad performance monitoring, automated bid changes, and data-driven optimization advice. With the help of this tool, sellers are able to generate and provide accounts and financial statements including PPC.

Overall, the ADS Manager extension is a fantastic tool for any Amazon seller trying to increase their advertising ROI while also increasing their organic ranks and sales. The extension makes it simple to optimize campaigns, save time and money, and achieve long-term success on the Amazon platform due to its extensive features and user-friendly interface.

Seller Benefits:

ADS Manager helps sellers cut unnecessary costs and focus on the most profitable products and keywords by reducing advertising ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales).

This tool helps Amazon Sellers in optimizing their PPC with high converting keywords.

It also helps sellers properly organize their daily budget, allowing their ad budget to last longer and work harder.

As well as providing detailed analytics, the tool also allows sellers to track their performance over time.

Pricing Strategies

Amazon's Pricing Feature is a feature that helps sellers choose list prices for their products and automates the process of altering product pricing depending on competitive prices. It provides sellers with various advantages, including the capacity to remain competitive in the marketplace and maximize sales and earnings.

The Pricing Feature provides sellers with real-time information regarding competitor product pricing, allowing them to make smart pricing decisions. Sellers can setup up customized product alerts to get notifications when competitor prices change, allowing them to keep up to date and respond quickly.

Customizable Selling Order Notifications

The "Customizable Selling Order Notifications" tool is intended to help Amazon sellers keep track of their product listings. The tool sends real-time notifications for changes in pricing, reviews, and inventory, allowing sellers to keep up with the pace of any changes to their listings. With this tool, Amazon sellers can monitor changes to Amazon products such as title, image, category, and new sellers, and set pricing, Best Seller Rank, and product rating alert thresholds.

This extension can help Amazon sellers stay on top of their listings and make smart decisions based on data from their Amazon Selling Partner Account in real time. The extension can help sellers in optimizing their sales and improve their overall performance on Amazon by giving customizable notifications and daily performance emails.

Profit Calculator

The "Profit Calculator" Tool is mainly used for Amazon sellers. It helps them calculate the possible earnings of a product they want to sell on Amazon.

To use the Profit Calculator, the Amazon seller must enter the product's cost, the selling price, and any additional expenses such as shipping or Amazon FBA fees. The calculator then accounts for all associated costs to produce an accurate assessment of the seller's possible profit margin.

Restriction Checker

The "Restriction Checker" Tool is a tool that helps Amazon sellers identify whether or not a specific product is restricted on Amazon. The tool is intended to assist sellers in avoiding the sale of forbidden or restricted products on Amazon, hence lowering the risk of account suspension or product delisting.

Amazon Fulfillment

With Amazon Fulfillment, sellers can stay up-to-date on the status of their products in Amazon's Fulfillment facility as notifications are sent out to them via their dashboards, letting them know whether their products are being packaged, shipped, or on their way for delivery, and when they have made it to the customer.

Finance and Accounting

Amazon's "Finance and Accounting Feature" is a feature that helps sellers manage their financial records and generate account statements. This tool enables sellers to create detailed financial statements that include critical information about their business operations, such as sales, costs, and profitability. This feature on the other hand, expressly eliminates the information necessary to create tax bills.